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This is my translation into English of the poem "La renuncia" (The give up) from Venezuelan writer Andrés Eloy Blanco

Today I translated the poem "La renuncia" (The give up) from Venezuelan writer Andrés Eloy Blanco. This is a beautiful poem in which the author expresses his resignation for a love gone bad. I am Venezuelan, and this is one of my favourites Blanco's poems because even he is madly suffering for his breakup, he is trying to get over it by writing about it and he says something like don't you worry I'm really bad, but I'm ok. I'm calm. That's what we always try to do and what we actually should do. I love the verse "I have given up on you, calmly" But we can give up not only a love, but also a friend, a work, a book we wanted to get, a pet we wanted to get, a kid we wanted to see growing up, or some yearning we want. This is my translation, I ask you for some feedback just for to know if I'm doing it well and to get better! = ) The give up I have given up on you. It was not possible.
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